Romeo and Juliet1996DVDripWSEng

Romeo and Juliet1996DVDripWSEng BOOBAE full movie download torrent

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Romeo and Juliet1996DVDripWSEng
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William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet (1996)

Director: Mr. Luhrmann

Star: Leonardo DiCaprio
Claire Danes
John Legisamo

The plot: A typical story of Romeo and Juliet, which takes place in the modern city of Verona Beach. Montague and Capule are two warring families whose children meet and love each other. They must hide their love for the world because they know their parents will not allow them to be together. There are obstacles along the way, such as Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt and friend Romeo Mercutio, and many battles. But while this is happening in modern times, it is still the same eternal story of “cross-star lovers.”

Video news:

Duration: 02:00:11
Resolution: 704×298
Video bitrate: 1187 kbps
Frame rate: 23 frames per second
Sound: mp3 @ 128 kbps
Codec: XviD
Ratio: 2:35: 1 (16: 9)

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